Christmas Stalkings: Tales of Yuletide Murder

#ad Road #ad - In christmas stalkings, bestselling mystery author Charlotte MacLeod gathers fellow partners in crime for a collection of capers that will keep you reading—and guessing—all through the night. From secrets in a snowy graveyard to schemes in the Deep South to mischief in Manhattan, this stocking full of cozy stories is to die for.

This festive anthology includes thirteen stories by charlotte MacLeod, Medora Sale, Patricia Moyes, Elizabeth Peters, Dorothy Cannell, Bill Crider, Reginald Hill, John Malcolm, Evelyn E. Smith, eric wright, mickey Friedman, Robert Barnard, and Margaret Maron. Spend the twelve days of Christmas enjoying tales of holiday mayhem.

Christmas Stalkings: Tales of Yuletide Murder #ad - When the weather outside is frightful, margaret maron, an angelic chorister falls to earth, and more! A New England college hosts a counterfeiting scrooge, curl up with New York Times–bestselling masters of holiday mystery Elizabeth Peters, a tight-fisted patriarch realizes his days are numbered, and a politician presents his wife with an explosive gift.


Mistletoe Mysteries: Tales of Yuletide Murder

#ad Road #ad - So when holiday shopping brings out your inner Grinch, hunker down with a hot toddy—and leave the murder to the experts. This festive collection includes stories by charlotte macleod, john Lutz, Eric Wright, Howard Engel, Henry Slesar, Mary Higgins Clark, Dorothy Salisbury Davis, Peter Lovesey, Sharyn McCrumb, Bill Pronzini, Edward D.

A training session for department-store Santas turns up Saint Nicks who are anything but angels in Isaac Asimov’s “Ho, Ho, Ho. Marcia muller’s “silent night” finds a tough private investigator searching San Francisco’s Tenderloin district—and discovering something unexpected. A long-married couple’s ship finally comes in—only to spring a mysterious leak—in Mary Higgins Clark’s “That’s the Ticket.

Mistletoe Mysteries: Tales of Yuletide Murder #ad - Scottish superstition catches up with a cat burglar in Sharyn McCrumb’s “A Wee Doch and Doris. These and many more stories will keep you turning pages and gathering evidence of yuletide mayhem. Have yourself a mysterious little christmas with fifteen whodunits from new York Times–bestselling authors Sharyn McCrumb, Mary Higgins Clark, and more! Peace on Earth isn’t everyone’s cup of tea in Charlotte MacLeod’s “A Cozy for Christmas.

Peter lovesey’s “the haunted Crescent” delivers a holiday ghost story with a twist. Hoch, aaron elkins, isaac Asimov, Susan Dunlap, and Marcia Muller.


Rest You Merry: A Professor Peter Shandy Mystery The Peter Shandy Mysteries Book 1

#ad Road #ad - It’s not long before he feels guilty about his prank and returns home to find his lights extinguished—and a dead librarian in his living room. But as shandy will soon find out, there’s a dark side to even the whitest of white Christmases. But after years of resisting the school’s Illumination festival, Shandy suddenly snaps, installing a million-watt display of flashing lights and blaring music perfectly calculated to drive his neighbors mad.

Hoping to avoid a scandal, the school’s head asks Shandy, sometimes detective, to investigate the matter quietly. The entire campus glitters with Christmas lights, save for one dark spot: the home of professor Peter Shandy. Each december, the faculty of Balaclava Agricultural College goes wild with holiday decorations.

Rest You Merry: A Professor Peter Shandy Mystery The Peter Shandy Mysteries Book 1 #ad - Then the horticulturalist flees town, planning to spend Christmas on a tramp steamer. After all, christmas is big business, and the town needs the cash infusion that typically comes with the Illumination. A christmas scrooge discovers a murdered librarian in this holiday novel from an Edgar Award finalist known for her “witty, literate, and charming” mysteries Publishers Weekly.


The Luck Runs Out The Peter Shandy Mysteries Book 2

#ad Road #ad - The Luck Runs Out The Peter Shandy Mysteries Book 2 #ad - Although the police recover Helen quickly, her professor husband is badly shaken by the ordeal. Early the next morning, the college’s head of animal husbandry frantically reports another hostage situation in progress. By the time peter discovers the link between the two heists, pigs may really fly. At balaclava agricultural college, empty the safe, a kidnapping and pig-napping are followed by murderNewlyweds Peter and Helen Shandy are picking out flatware when a pair of gun-toting hooligans burst into the silversmith’s shop, and leave with Helen as their hostage.

. Belinda, the school’s beloved sow, has been kidnapped, and only Peter can bring home the bacon. There is a possible witness to the pig-napping in Miss Flackley, but before she can point Peter towards the vanished porker, the farrier, she is found dead in the barn’s mash feeder.


An Owl Too Many The Peter Shandy Mysteries Book 8

#ad Road #ad - This murder most fowl is a hoot” Publishers Weekly. In his search for material, Emmerick joins Peter Shandy and a few of his colleagues on the annual owl-count. By the time the professors reach him, he’s been stabbed to death. Emory emmerick comes to Balaclava Agricultural University as a scout for a television station.

Plenty of people might like to kill a television producer, but which would-be killer had the gall to make the helpless Nyctea scandiaca an accomplice? Although the faculty and students are hardly ready for prime time, Emmerick’s interest is in environmental programming—a subject that inspires even the driest Balaclava professor to wax poetic.

An Owl Too Many The Peter Shandy Mysteries Book 8 #ad - Discovering that the snowy owl was nothing more than a handful of feathers attached to a fishing pole, Shandy concludes that Emmerick was murdered.  .  . And though the television producer’s loud mouth and heavy feet make him a dismal birdwatcher, none of the academics expect him to make a fatal blunder.

Chasing what appears to be a badly lost snowy owl, Emmerick stumbles into a trap that yanks him into a tree. Professor peter shandy returns in “a high-flying farce with humor that ranges from broad slapstick to quiet witticisms.


The Corpse in Oozak's Pond The Peter Shandy Mysteries Book 6

#ad Road #ad - First on the scene is Peter Shandy, horticulturalist and—when the college requires it—detective. But oozak’s pond is not quite frozen this year, and as the celebrations reach their peak, the students see someone bobbing through the ice. But solving this nineteenth-century murder mystery will take more than Shandy’s knack for growing rutabagas.

The Corpse in Oozak's Pond The Peter Shandy Mysteries Book 6 #ad - Relying on his wife’s expertise in local history, the professor dives headfirst into a gilded-age whodunit that cloaks secrets potent enough to kill. Long past help, the drowning victim is badly decomposed and dressed in an old-fashioned frock coat with a heavy rock in each pocket. The rural town of balaclava greets Groundhog Day as an excuse for one last cold-weather fling.

The students and faculty of the local agricultural college drink cocoa, and when the temperature allows, throw snowballs, ice skate. A copycat crime on groundhog day brings out Professor Peter Shandy’s inner sleuth in this Edgar Award finalist from the international bestselling author.


A Christmas Mystery Cambridge Murder Mysteries Book 4

#ad - Just out, 25th november 2019! what could be better than a christmas murder mystery! One to read on the sofa in front of a fire, Colin Dexter, keeping the memory of Christmas just gone alive!A page-turning whodunnit in the tradition of Agatha Christie, and a murder mystery fuelled by poison in the dark alleys of Oxbridge .

. Review on the series: amazon review "I always like finding a new author with something a little bit different in the crime genre, and Charlot King is certainly that. Amazon review of the series"a wonderful murder mystery, has travelled to oxford to deliver a keynote speech at Catte College when Father Christmas bursts into a formal supper, deftly handled by Charlot and brought bang up to date with twists and subplots that entice the reader"Captivating Whodunnit Murder Mystery!Professor Elizabeth Green, a professor of poisons, leaving a woman dead.

A Christmas Mystery Cambridge Murder Mysteries Book 4 #ad - An eccentric professor in her ivory tower, instead giving off a cold, yet is flawed by her inability to connect well with people, she maintains a sharp wit, opinionated and sometimes acerbic air. Though very kind to all animals dogs, in truth she keeps her friends close, cats and the rest! - a vegan - and a great gardener, and only lets a few dear people into her world.

This latest murder mystery from Charlot is Bk4 of the Cambridge Murder Mysteries and can be read as a stand-alone novel. Missing christmas already? Brand new mystery for Christmas 2019. It is not long before elizabeth herself is in the firing line with the local Oxford Inspector, as more bodies start to fall.

Will she solve the puzzle before Christmas?And what of Professor Elizabeth Green?


Something in the Water The Peter Shandy Mysteries Book 9

#ad Road #ad - A poisoned potpie pulls botanist peter Shandy into a local Maine mystery in the series that “offers a blooming good time” The Baltimore Sun. Shandy is bitterly jealous, but finds a major distraction in the dining room of the country inn where he’s staying. Massachusetts horticulturalist Peter Shandy is famous for his rutabagas, but he comes to Maine with a loftier plant in mind.

Specifically, he wants to size up the world-renowned lupines of Frances Rondel, a nonagenarian whose legendary flowers are even more beautiful in life than they are in myth. Suddenly with more to do than stopping to smell the lupines, Shandy must ask himself: Which Maine cook has the bad taste to flavor chicken with cyanide?

Something in the Water The Peter Shandy Mysteries Book 9 #ad - Shoveling down the last bites of a chicken potpie, Flodge clutches his chest and falls dead. He may grow wretched lupines, but no gardener can solve a murder like Peter Shandy. The corpse belongs to the late Jasper Flodge, a local loudmouth with a toupee and a sizeable gut.


The Odd Job Sarah Kelling & Max Bittersohn Mysteries Series Book 11

#ad Road #ad - And things get even more troublesome when members of his staff begin to die. It starts when dolores tawne, the elderly, bossy museum administrator, is stabbed through the base of her skull with an antique hatpin. When the doddering patrons of the wilkins museum learned that dozens of their priceless masterworks had been stolen and replaced by forgeries, there was no one to turn to but Sarah Kelling and Max Bittersohn—the savviest art detectives of the Boston upper crust.

The Odd Job Sarah Kelling & Max Bittersohn Mysteries Series Book 11 #ad - Nabbing the crooks was easy, but finding the missing paintings has proven trickier. Years later, and the new director, loudmouthed cattle baron Elwyn Fleesom Turbot, the collection’s prized Titian is still lost, is getting impatient. Inside the dead woman’s safe deposit box Sarah finds clues to a conspiracy that stretches back decades and a way to stop the murders that are still to come.

A museum murder puts boston’s married art sleuths to work: “The screwball mystery is Charlotte MacLeod’s cup of tea” Chicago Tribune.


Grab Bag: A Collection of Stories

#ad Road #ad - With a keen wit and a strong eye for detail, she crafted some of the most memorable victims, murderers, and innocent bystanders of twentieth-century detective novels. Seventeen priceless stories from the author often referred to as “america’s agatha Christie”Charlotte MacLeod’s heroes were men and women like Peter Shandy and Sarah Kelling—genteel sleuths who fight crime with brains, not brawn—and her settings were the drawing rooms and servants’ quarters of New England and beyond.

Grab Bag: A Collection of Stories #ad - Here is peculiar Cousin Claude, who strangles himself with his own necktie. And here is the tale that answers the question “what does Max Bittersohn do when his wife is not around?” Whether the characters are familiar or not, the style is irresistible, and the mysteries are as delightfully puzzling as ever.

In this volume, she proves herself a master of the short story as well. Here is the original peter Shandy story, featuring the school that would eventually metamorphose into Balaclava Agricultural College.


Maid of Honor

#ad Road #ad - Feeling like the only sane member of the family, Persis commits her cool head to solving the mystery.  . Her family was once normal—boring, but normal. Now, persis’s father acts like a zombie at dinner parties, her mother goes from zero to shrieking in seconds, and her sister is utterly self-absorbed.

But there are other surprises she’ll discover in the course of her investigation in this absorbing tale by the author of the popular Sarah Kelling and Max Bittersohn series. When persis wins a statewide piano competition and a scholarship to a prestigious music conservatory, her big news is pushed aside.

Maid of Honor #ad - Persis green’s existence has been overshadowed by the looming prospect of her older sister’s wedding. A young woman must escape family conflict—and find her own identity—in order to track down a thief in this novel by an acclaimed mystery writer. In addition to the general chaos of the impending nuptials, one of her sister’s wedding gifts, a wildly expensive piece of jewelry, has disappeared.

Then the engagement was announced and all hell broke loose.